Monday, March 4, 2013


I have survived four days without connecting with my online social circles, and I am not too much worse for the wear. I miss the sudo connection I get from seeing everyone's status updates or the photos they took each day, because I really do love it. I am just accepting that if I need to find out how someone is, I will have to actually make the effort, and call or text them. Not an entirely bad thing.

I am not trying to have a play by play report of my efforts to cope without the internet meeting my needs for human contact however. I am just blogging each night in an effort to keep myself accountable with how I am spending my time each day. Comments here, or email or texting are all acceptable ways to contact me and I may even beg you to do so, because I am a serious extrovert and I need a daily dose of human interaction to survive. Thanks for all the encouragement!

Love you all!

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