Sunday, March 3, 2013


The Gifts My Mother Gave Me
Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I am so thankful to have a woman like her in my life, and honored that she holds the place of my mother. Aside from a few physical traits we have in common, and teaching me to sew and make bread, and being my teacher for 12 years of school, my Mom gave me many gifts that are worth more than anything I could ever acquire. Things which I admire to the highest extent.
She is absolutely genuine. I have never seen her do anything with false pretenses.  Watching her taught me to smile with true warmth at everyone, whether they appreciated the gesture or not, because she knew they needed it.
Loyal to the very end, she has never abandoned a friend, for anything. Ever. She has believed in me no matter what I was doing, or how poor my choices were.
Honesty is truly the best policy. I know, because I have seen her walk that out in front of me. She doesn't pretend to be anything she isn't or tell you what you want to hear if it's not right.  

I love you Mom! (now don't post about how you're really not all that wonderful. You are.)


Seth and Sarah said...

Beautifully written. Since I don't know your mom very well, I can say that what she instilled in her daughter is so precious and well walked out.

Gretchen said...

Thank you, dear one. Made my day. Love you so much. Mom