Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I find it interesting how we always tend to remember the best moments in life, and allow the more unpleasant memories to fade.      

We were talking the other day about how idyllic life seemed in the era Norman Rockwell portrayed in his paintings. He captured all of the best moments of the time in which he lived, and as a result, those of us who gaze at his paintings, longing for a different era, feel that somehow if we had only lived then, life might have been entirely different for us. History has shown us though, that human behavior has not changed over the course of time, so I feel fairly certain we can assume that life was virtually exactly the same then as it is now, minus a few iphones here and there. People still made mistakes then. There are still beautiful moments in our every day life now. And in 60 years, people may look back on our time with the same sense of wistful nostalgia.

It is good for me to remember, that the grass is in fact, not much greener on the other side of a few decades. I also love that time truly is a healer, and that we hold on to the good stuff and let the unpleasantries turn into distant memories, like a scar that is still there as a reminder of lessons learned, but has faded and no longer carries pain.

Constantly being reminded to embrace the moment and not waste time wishing for the moment to pass quickly, or being a different moment altogether. Life is good.

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