Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Balancing (or toppling over, whichever you prefer)

Blogging has just not fit into my life lately. But I miss it! Even on a good month I only manage about 3 or 4 posts, and only write a small fraction of the thoughts I mentally blog about. Having time to sit and process thoughts, muse and emote is just such a rare thing... And, being the possessor of so little selfdiscipline as I am, if I let myself get on the computer for one minute, even just to balance my checkbook, it's pretty much guaranteed that an hour later, I will suddenly realise that I manged to catch up on all of the BBC, Facebook, and blogging world latest, but in that time, all my past week's work has been entirely undone by my WONDERFUL, creative, numerous kids. So I have been trying to keep some semblance of restraint lately, and actually DO the things I'm supposed to do, WHEN I'm supposed to do them. (After all, that is the mantra I am pounding into the young, impressionable minds that live in my house... ) Which means blogging has joined many other lovely things in my life, such as journaling and writing personal letters, up on that  dusty, top shelf of my priorities; the one that's up so high I can't see what's on it and need a step stool to get something off of it. There are just different phases of our lives, where the things that feel important shift places for a while. I love to write randomness for my own off loading and perhaps for the mild amusement of others at times too, but for a while at least, those moments may need to be few and far between so I can function more effectively in the areas that demand more of my presence. But unpredictable and inconsistent IS what this little blog is all about anyway. Which if you follow, you know, I'm not joking when I say, you never know what you're going to get here... So now that my left arm is asleep from holding my 27 pound, sleeping baby boy, and I have written this entire post one handed, I am going to excuse myself to go climb a mountain... the one waiting for me down in the laundry room. (Not quite as fun and exciting but JUST as hazardous!) Thanks for always stickin around and being willing to take what ya can get! :)


Lauren said...

love love love it. and love you. and that 27 pound boy putting your arm to sleep and that you did that ONE HANDED! I am sure you have mastered the one handed life. I love to check in on you - but I am glad to do it in person!

Priscilla said...

Lauren, as always, you are so uplifting! I am grateful that I know you!

BTW- do you have email notifications when someone comments on your blog? Every once in a while I go back and read an older post and comment randomly, and there would be no way you would ever notice it burried in the archives... ;) I missed comments all the time till I added my email! :)

Joyful said...

Oh what a joy it is - always always - to read your blog! It's simply delightful, so real, and always entertaining. You are just wonderful!