Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A penny saved is a penny earned!

My advice to new parents? (or a young couple contemplating parenthood...)

Don't even bother having nice things until your kids are out of the house. There just isn't any point. If you just had a new little one, and are thinking you should replace that old couch or table, etc, force yourself to wait. 18 years. Truthfully. If you already have nice stuff, sell it quick while it is still functioning and resembles it's original state and put the money in your savings account! How's that for a money saving tip?!

Or are my kids just more ____________   (fill in the blank with your own word choice)-
Rowdy, energetic, "creative", destructive, exploratory, messy, curious, clumsy, "artistic", daring, crazy, busy, exhibistionists, dirty, accident prone- than the average child?


Lauren said...

I haven't got that far into it - but so far almost everything I have has been peed on once. So we will find out!

Molly Briar said...

i am my own worst enemy in this area. i'm almost always the one falling down, running into things or breaking stuff... so does this mean I'M the *insert word* around here!?!? LOL ;-)