Friday, June 6, 2014

Short sighted

It's so easy to see the reasons why others have reoccurring struggles. Standing on the outside, the pit falls and bad habits are glaringly obvious. It's easy to see the choices that would lead them to a path of victory over their inner battles.
The question I have been asking myself since I was a teen, is why can't I see my own short comings with the same clarity? Clear vision that would lead me out of the labyrinth of poor habits and set my feet on something solid.  It is not the same thing as knowing I have a problem, or even being able to put a label on my own junk as a lack of self discipline or selfishness. I recognize the general issues, but I don't see them as clearly laid out in my own life as an outside observer would. I'm in the middle of them. It is maddening knowing that success and freedom are attainable and very available, yet stumbling over the exact same points, year after year.
~I have no answers to give. Which makes this a poorly written post. ~
But it's my reality.

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