Friday, October 8, 2010

Super Chunk

My appologies to the Grandparents for whom this blog was originally created... I know these have not come as often as desired. As a result there will be an excessive number of photos of my son following. My appologies to anyone who is not quite as obsessively in love with him as I am. ;)

In chronological order from 3 mo to 4 1/2mo.

And a mini photo shoot
@4 1/2 mo



Gretchen said...

I LOOOVVVEEE THEM!! I am grinning ear to ear and lol!!!! Thank you, thank you!!
What a guy! Still looks just like his daddy!!

Gretchen said...

Truthfully, I can see some of each sibling in him.

Jim McDowell said...

Grandpa McDowell has been here, and loves this little guy and all that lovely unlabeled skin! Those little creases remind me of now lanky, then pudgy Mark when he was that age. Déja vu. But there are some subtle hints of Mannon there, too.

Your blogspot is fulfilling its function for us. Thanks, you glamorous mom of 5!

Lauren Hodgson said...

I love that last picture of van! I could just eat up that smiling face.. I still think it's funny how many people cross over in our lives.. I found your blog through Bre Duis'. So fun.. I will have to bookmark it and check back! (: Love you!