Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello. It's nice to meet you!

I'm realizing that I am terrible with small talk. I've concluded that I only relate well to people on a deeper level. I CAN just "make conversation", but I'm not very good at keeping it superficial, and what is the point really? At parties, or in a club, where everything is just on the surface, it kind of makes me crazy. Obviously there are some occasions that require being comfortable operating on a certain level of formality. In general though, I want there to be substance in all my interaction with people. Even if I just met you, and I will never see you again, I still want to get to know YOU for who you are, not just the fact that you drink the same coffee as I do! I will invest 100% of myself into the relationship for the 5 minutes we know one another! If we were to meet at a mutual friend's soiree, I won't just compliment you on your shoes, (but they ARE great!) I want to know what you are passionate about and what defines who you are! I find it is especially hard with people I've known for quite some time, but only as acquaintances, with whom things have never moved past casual association. "Oh, how are your kids? Great! This weather sure is hot! So nice to see you!" The End. How can I know some one for three years and yet have no insight into who they are?! We can give so much to one another and bring so much blessing into eachothers' lives by being willing to engage and be vulnerable. Basic formalities do not equal relationship. I do try to not freak people out by coming across as nosey or prying. I'm not trying to invade privacy. However, I would rather spend 5 minutes being genuine, than waste them being trivial.


Gretchen said...

We see eye to eye on this topic so much. You have said it so well. Mazel tov - again!

Amy said...

And that is how I remember you - genuine.

Veronica said...

Im the same way!! word by word! amazing!