Thursday, May 13, 2010

Change is good!

With the birth of my son just around the corner, literally, I am thinking so much about my littlest girl, and how she's not so little anymore.  I am treasuring this past year and a half of knowing her, watching her grow from the new one in the family, into a tiny little girl who isn't quite a baby anymore, and about to become a big sister!

Here she is- brand new, sweet, and absolutely perfect

And then suddenly, half a year had past!

And then another second passed and she was stuffing her first Birthday cake in her face!

And now- I have this lovely little "almost-big-girl" who has created her own amazing place in our family.
And I adore her even more than that magical day I first held her.


Seth and Sarah said...

sweet sweet zaria!! love the progressive pictures... you're such a good mama =)

kathythankyou said...

I love her and all your kids..oh and you too!! miss you. xx