Sunday, July 27, 2008

Waiting for, um...

The problem with me and blogging, is that I have to be inspired to have anything to say worth reading; but moments of inspiration are few, or tend to come when I can't find time to write it down for posterity. (I write great blogs in my head all the time! They are lost to time and space.) When I do have a topic or bit of inspiration to talk about, I can write endlessly and be mildly entertaining; even, in especially brilliant moments, funny. Unfortunately, this is not one of those- so don't expect to be entertained, or to have a good chuckle. I'm really just writing cuz I'm tired of waiting for inspiration! My other problem with blogging is, I have a tendancy to think that, to be worth posting, my blog should be something profound. Though, the blogs I enjoy reading the most are the ones that let me hang out with someone as they tell me about their day or give me a glimpse into their mind for a moment. And that is what this blog was meant to be- (other than a photo log of my beautiful kids) a sort of out-loud journal so you can hear my brain in all it's fabulousness! LOL! Perhaps it is just a matter of dropping what I'm doing to run in and type what ever comes to my head at that moment. Maybe some of the really great bloggers can give me some tips! :) For now-

- I will leave you with one gem- Isn't she beautiful?

See the tooth in her hand?! Hehe! love it!