Thursday, August 15, 2013


I feel like saying something dramatic like,
"I've never been so stressed out in my whole life!"
I am sure that's not true. It is that uneasy feeling of unfamiliar waters. Trying to navigate when you have no idea where you are supposed to go. Funny thing is, I'm not facing any great life altering decision or anything quite as profound as all of that may have led you to believe. We just enrolled our three oldest in a new school scenario and they have their first day in the morning. They should be the ones writing an overly dramatic blog post about new and unfamiliar experiences. But its not the circumstances connected to the stress, they are are of little or no consequence.  That feeling of mixed nervous and excited, standing on the step of a new school, or a new job, or endeavor, and not knowing what the year has instore for you, is exactly what I'm contemplating. The process of trying to figure out an entirely new system has been a bit overwhelming, and I find myself wishing I could hit the pause button and have two more weeks to get my act together and be prepared. I keep wondering if I have missed something major, if my kids are going to be lost and disoriented during orientation because I haven't taken care of my end of the deal. Will they feel embarrased or overwhelmed? It's a feeling of worrying that you are going to mess something up.
There is no pause button.
Sink or swim.

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