Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It never really goes away.

At times the need to travel becomes overwhelming.
Not just the desire to, but an actual need that my soul has.

To travel.
To explore.
To experience.
To adventure.
To discover.
To have an affect.
To be affected.
To be effective.
To be likewise effected.
To be stretched.
To be challenged.
Not to be stranded, or in any way constrained to a small life.

To know I am fulfilling a part of something that is farther reaching than just my own story.
And I am not just referring to the heady, and wonderful experience of getting on a plane and seeing new places, and tasting and smelling new thrills, though I love that. I mean, going where I am needed, where that bigger story is being written, at whatever time the Father wants, for any length of time he asks. That is freedom to me. That is what I am constantly longing for. It is a need that has never left me, even when his request of us was to stay, and to wait. I will wait, and I will choose contentment, but my heart will always be traveling. 

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