Thursday, March 7, 2013


Mark and I spent the evening flipping through a pile of magazines we had that had gathered in our room waiting to be looked at. We just glanced through them quickly pulling out any page that caught out eye or felt inspiring in some way, gathering the pages together in a kind of random little, look-book of dreams. Dreams are so much fun. It is also very difficult to let yourself dream. Allowing dreams to be acknowledged means that you can be disappointed. It means that, now that you put it out there, expectations might be formed. What if you never see the hopes become reality? Many of our pages were more fantasy than actual goals, but they all represented things in both of our hearts. It's a risk admitting that you long for something beyond what you are experiencing, but if you never allow yourself to acknowledge the dream, you can be guaranteed that it will never become a reality. Taking risks. Dreaming our dreams. One day at a time.


Seth and Sarah said...

Keep dreaming! And dream BIG. I love that's what you were doing, together.

Gretchen said...

That is so cool.