Saturday, March 30, 2013


So Las Vegas did not turn out to be the photo taking fest I had hoped. All my attempts to capture the real and unadvertised side of Vegas ended in dismal failure. But here are some palm fronds to make up for it.

 The "other" Las Vegas.
The one where nothing is over two stories tall, and people actually live there.
The people that make Vegas run.
I saw this poor man all over town, waiting outside shops while his wife shopped til she dropped, and every time I passed him, this was his exact pose.

Three steps outside of town.


Gretchen said...

Las Vegas is purported to be a lively and energetic and maybe happy place. How did you find it? What was your overall impression?

Seth and Sarah said...

The husband cracks me up!! Love that you found him multiple times in this position :-)