Monday, March 18, 2013


I read a quote a bit ago and I almost passed over it, barely reading it, until I really allowed myself to see what it said.

“What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?”

It sounds so simple, and yet... What would I wake up with? Suddenly, from that perspective, what seems important is narrowed down very quickly.
The sweet hugs and kisses of my babes.
His presence.
Good conversations.
All the little things that make life so sweet would seem a little bigger.
A good cup of coffee.
The smell of flowers in the spring.
Good books.
The things that make it hard might seem a bit less significant. Every moment, every kind gesture, each person we encounter is a gift. And they are not to be taken lightly. To live with an attitude of thankfulness, and recognize even the struggles as part of the whole experience of being alive is where true contentment lies. Joy comes from a place of gratitude, not from easy circumstances. It is a daily choice, not easily made, to position yourself in an attitude of gratefulness for exactly where you are in this journey, and finding the silver lining. Daily readjusting our perspective. Learning. Still learning. 


Seth and Sarah said...

This was very much needed today. Thank you!!

Seth and Sarah said...

Oh and 18 days in a row?? You ROCK!

Priscilla said...

Me too... A lesson I seem to have to relearn over and over. :) I do NOT take you for granted! Ever!

Priscilla said...

...and thanks for being here with me! <3