Saturday, October 16, 2010

(SUPER) Random Facts

I love hands. I think they are amazing. You can tell so much about someone in the little details of their hands. They are things of beauty no matter what they look like.

I've always thought it would be so fun to voice an animated character. I have such an odd voice anyway, I think it might lend itself well to a cartoon character. Probably a crazy, old lady. Fun!

I make weird faces. Lots of them. It's not intentional. Most of the time... I've tried to stop. It's not the most dignified of habits, but it's no use.

A major pet peeve is when people actually move their cell phone from their ear, putting the phone directly against their mouth to talk, yelling into the phone. Seriously?! Oh my gosh! I can't stand watching them! It makes me insane! Not to mention feeling soo sorry for the person on the other end who's ear is bleeding from the abuse of garbled, screamed words.

I tend to forget that Customer Service Representatives that I'm talking to on the phone are just there to help me pay my bill. They are not my new best friend, probably don't get my sense of humor, nor want to hear my entire life's story or every detail of what happened in my life to make me late paying my bill.

I've never broken a bone, sprained anything, had a single stitch, or indeed ever been in a hospital (other than the 5 times I had a baby). And God knows I should have had all of the above! Angels I tell ya! Mine are the best in the biz!

I yell at other drivers. I have serious road rage issues. Yes, even with my kids in the the car. But I don't cuss or call them really bad names, so I think that's a pretty good example I'm setting, don't you?!

I prefer my apple cider ice cold. (I told you these were random!)

I actually like feet. It's not an obsession like hands are for me, but some people can't stand feet, and I think that most (healthy) feet are pretty cool. They can even be beautiful. Mark has great feet! And baby feet are on a whole other level!

I am almost always typing one handed,  (including about half this post) which lends itself to tons of typos, and takes much, much longer.


A.M.P. said...

Randomness is the stuff of life! You are essentially letting people (like myself) learn what makes you tick. It's Grand!

Joyful said...

1. YAY for 3 posts in October - you rock... and I LOVE reading them.

2. I love your random facts and all the things that make you YOU.

3. SO with you on making friends with customer service reps... 90% of the time I hang up assured that I have committed a serious overshare.

4. You. are. great.

Priscilla said...

Thank you ladies! You gave me warm fuzzies!