Saturday, June 5, 2010

Powell Gardens

Figure it's about time for a new post. I don't have anything profound to say at the moment, or at least, not enough time to let the thoughts ruminate into something deep, but pictures of my kids are always a good substitute, right?! Haha!

Mark & I aren't as cute-
but I know you all still love us!

ohhh, baby boys...

The princess after a dip in the fountains

My rocker-
thankfully this is water, not sweat.
This time.

My entertainer

Just loove this one.

There were 4 grandparents in tow on this trip as well, but for the sake of space, I will save the 127 pictures for a Facebook album! :D


Jim McDowell said...

Hi Priscilla

We thought Powell gardens with all your living ancestors and your 5 descendants all in tow was a splendid way to spend the day. Thanks to you and Mark for making it possible. Being in KC to celebrate Vanden Osaze's arrival was a joy.

On the way back, our Nigerian friends in Louisville informed us that the name is from the Edo people group of Benin, and means "God planned it so." Margaret knew enough of that language to tell us that. And she says to put lots of emphasis on the last syllable and lower the tone a bit from the others. O SAW ZAY.

On Saturday on the way back in Windsor we attended with Mark's Aunt Connie the Art in the Park fair. What a huge artistic event. There was a Nigerian artist exhibiting and he had a beautiful painting called "In this moment." It showed a crowd around Obama, praying for and laying hands on him. They appeared to be a very racially diverse group. I recall Mark's insistence that we pray for this man and put his heart in the hand of the Lord.

Love to check your blog!

Love to y'all. Grandma and Grandpa in Canada.

Pao said...

Always good to see the beautiful kiddies!!!!!

Seth and Sarah said...

You ARE so cute... and you make the cutest babies =)
I love the meaning from Mr. McDowell "God planned it so". How perfect for your surprise little man! He's a wonderful baby and I feel so blessed to have walked yet another baby journey with you, my friend.
Let's get together soon... maybe a fun bbq at the park??