Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm just sayin

What follows is a little list of my personal fashion pet peeves. It is by no means conclusive since a simple trip to Walmart can send my fashion sensibilities reeling. It's hard being so delicate and sensitive.... (snicker) A better word may be "judgemental", since, after all, people are entitled to have their own taste when it comes to fashion. But there are a few things that really poke me in the eye when I encounter them.... So these are the big offenders on my personal list. (please don't feel offended if you love any of these things... it's all very tongue in cheek)

The "Bump-It". I am not a fan of this little gizzmo because it makes it even easier for girls to create a hairstyle gone wrong. It was bad enough when it was just teased hair... but you can always tell when there is a bump-it lurking beneath that first layer of hair. It's like implants for your head, just never quite looks right....

This is what infomercials have done to us! Don't buy it! But if you must, they're on clearance at Target...

Pajama Pants- IN PUBLIC! Now this complaint comes with a disclaimer- because I am actually pretty lazy when it comes to walking out the door without making sure I'm presentable. There have been days when I realize that I have been out of the house for a few hours, and never had a chance to look in the mirror. My excuses are that I have already made 4 other people presentable; and I'm blessed (or maybe cursed, depending on the day) with hair that looks exactly the same, no matter what I do to it. So yes, I've gotten pretty lazy, cuz I don't want to get up at 6 am, if I can get up at 7 with essentially the same results... But I have my limits! And wearing your bedroom attire out in public is WAY past the boundary line! First, just from a fashion perspective, the look doesn't do anyone any favors. It is as schleppy as you can get! And it is made worse by usually being stuffed into a pair of Uggs boots, which seems so incongruous, or Adidas "sandals" which are hideous things when worn appropriately already, but paired with pajamas, reaches new levels of terrible taste. And more importantly, wearing your PJ's to the store or post office says some unattractive things about our culture. Have we actually gotten this lazy? And this careless about what we are telling other people about ourselves? How have we gotten so casual, that we no longer feel it necessary to put in some effort to look nice? I don't want to make an overly big deal about focusing on how we look, it is certainly is secondary to how we act and what is inside; but there is a case to be made for making some effort. "The clothes make the man" is not fundamentally true, but there IS some truth in it, that how you look communicates ALLOT about what is going on inside! "Hi! I'm incredibly lazy, and can't be bothered to put my best foot forward!" is probably not a message most of us want to be shouting. I mean, if you do, you could always just get it printed across the butt of your pajama pants!

Crocs- Crocs. Oh how I loathe thee! Pure and simple. I just can't stand them! They are the most
atrocious piece of attire the "fashion" world has recently forced on the public, who apparently is perfectly incapable of thinking for themselves and will wear anything Walmart tells them they should! "Look at all the pretty colors!" One problem- they are hideously ugly! I've heard all the excuses- "They're comfortable." No- they're not. I tried a friends pair for a bit to be nice. (I was NOT in public I'll have you know!) They are made out of rubber, they will not mold to your feet! Perhaps after a few years, your feet can mold to them! Ducks have lovely feet! "They're so easy to clean!" Perhaps- but just as easy, more comfortable and so much cuter- Flip- flops! And also, the idea of sweating, and walking in a little puddle, is so nasty! Good thing they are easy to clean! And with socks- argh, I can't even tell you!

The only way it can get even worse-

Enough said.

Now this one is just all about me, not because high waisted pants are necessarily so hideous from a fashion perspective, but because I can't wear them! If you are incredibly long waisted and thin (aka- 6'11", size 2, super model) they can look quite chic and sophisticated. Alas, I can't actually pull off this look due to structural complications. But even Jessica Simpson is struggling to make it work. And if you can't do it right, don't try to force it to work anyway, it won't. Fit is everything! So- these pants get a thumbs down from me. And those of you who can wear them without the waist band landing an inch under your bust- go for it! I shall admire your silhouette from a distance.

Added to this list could perhaps be: socks with sandals (I mean- REALLY?! If it's chilly enough to need socks- perhaps different foot wear altogether would be appropriate...)


Gretchen said...

And you didn't go into journalism because??????

Great article. So go write for a living. You can do it from your computer!

Love you!!

Gretchen said...

Furthermore - YOU ARE AMAZING!!

Priscilla McD- said...

Hehe- Thanks Momma =) You've always been my biggest supporter! And journalism didn't seem exciting or fast paced enough or provide the oportunity to travel! Oh- wait..... but I would love to see writting be one of the things that comes out of my life at some point, in whatever form the Lord shows me at tht time. =)

Love you too!

Gretchen said...

It would seem that at some point, you would need to travel to have interesting fodder for your writing. Doesn't someone (???) in your family take excellent photos?

More love.

Pao said...

ha ha I totally agree with you!!

I don't undertand at all people walking out of their homes in pyjamas!! But I never seen it happening it in anywhere but in the states.
Though I saw once a girl of age 6 maybe with full on pyjamas, rob, slippers, the supermarket!! ( UK) It was in the middle of the day, but I guess that can cuter than an older person anyways!

And about the high trousers, so true! I think they give a very long big bum too!! Maybe that's why you only see the front of it! looks horrible from the back...( not everybody)

this was fun to read! i like knowing people's pet peeves....I should do mine!