Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7 months old and still counting

Zaria is 7 months old! She is now closer to 1 than to 0! And this past month has been a very full one! She got her ears pierced and looks so pretty! She is the proud owner of two teeth with the third not far off! She has discovered FOOD! She's my girl, that's for sure! She wants it and wont give it up once she lays claim to whatever is in her (or your) hand. She is drinking out of a cup and sippy cups. The way she plays with her toys and all of us is so diferent now! She seems so big, and aware, and you can tell she is learning constantly! She is trying to scoot even though she would prefer to NEVER be on her tummy. She is taking steps when holding on to our hands! I never cease to be amazed at how fast the first years goes, or how much they change!

She continues to be so content (when her teeth aren't bothering her. They were really a bugger!) and is so sweet and happy. Her will power is starting to show as well. Don't even TRY to take away that box that she's chewed to a slobbery mass of "eww"- she will tell you off! haha

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