Friday, May 8, 2009


Somehow, some way, known only to God and the mystery of time, my beautiful first born became a lovely 7 year old! How did this happen? I am amazed at the lovely young lady I see her becoming. She is truly kind and loving to everyone, and such a good friend. She is smart, fun and crazy, graceful, conciderate and creative. And I adore her. And now she is 7! I am in awe.

Cahira wanted to have an Island theme for her birthday, so on the day, we took the family to one of our favorite special occasion spots on the plaza, Kona Grill. We had delicious Pacfica food and sushi. So proud of my kids being willing to try unfamiliar food, using chopsticks, and eating sushi!

Then we sat by one of the many fountains while Cahira opened her gifts from the Grandparents, and family.

That weekend we had all her friends over for a "Luau". Nothing like swimsuits and island print shirts in February!

complete with hula contest!

which Esther won decidedly!


Gretchen said...

I know how you feel to watch a child that came forth from you turn into a beautiful, graceful, wise, courageous, saavy, Godly person. When they are in the womb, you don't get to see what God is doing. Watching them grow up is amazing. God is so good!

Seth and Sarah said...

I love that you guys went out for sushi for her birthday! Mmmm, sushi. Oh great, now I'm craving sushi. Seettthh!