Saturday, February 21, 2009

What we're doing

Our house is full (literally) with life and activity. Although Zaria is a born performer has taken the spotlight for awhile since her arrival, I thought I'd fill you in on all the other people who occupy space on our grand stage.

Eranae has grown up so much in the last few months. She is finding her own way of doing things and her personality has blossomed, even though she still loves to follow the lead of her big sister and brother. She has discovered a love of all things ART! All of the kids have art in their veins and genetic talent, but there is something special in it for Eranae and it is closer to the level of passion for her. She is just now learning to create realistic pictures but mostly enjoys abstract still. (haha) She is also getting very good with her letters and numbers and writing her name. She cannot wait for PreSchool to start this fall!

Trévan just had a birthday and is 5 now! That is a little hard to swallow! Where did that little chubby boy go? I am grateful that this tough, warrior, miniature man, still has a tender heart and a desire to protect those who need him, especially his sisters. Whenever there is a struggle of good over evil, this boy will come running! He has taken one Kung Fu lesson so far and loved it! His newest passion is playing Lego Star Wars on a borrowed PlayStation2. He eats, drinks, and breaths it. He would have no problem skipping every meal just to play.

Cahira is doing so well in school and we are really proud of how hard she's working. She has a special class for advanced students every Wednesday that she is really enjoying. But the best part of school for her is her relationships with her classmates and teacher, who all love her back. She is the most open, loving and accepting little girl I've ever met, and she is friends with the kids who don't have any other friends. The thing she is currently enjoying most is to read. She has a gift and reads with fluency and expression. She can sit and read for hours. I wonder where she gets that....

And the newest edition to the family doesn't quite fit in the category of one of our kids... lol! It has been great to have John living here. He has been adjusting to life in Kansas City and is starting to look for a job and developing relationships. Looking forward to seeing what the next year has in store for him.


Errol and Gretchen said...

Thank you for consistently getting pictures up for this lonesome grandma. Wonderful!! Much love and hugs.

ELIN said...

i love reading about what your kids are up to! i miss them!

Jim McDowell said...

Hi, Cahira, Tré, Eranae and Zaria.

It's Maundy Thursday...know what that is? Wish you could come for Easter feaster here, along with the Sirbu cousins. What fun we would have!

Hi John, good to see you after quite a few years. Hope you like KAYCEE and the piccins that climb all over you, their accessible uncle.

Grandpa Jim in Kitchener