Saturday, January 31, 2009


Zaria was given so many lovely gifts, and has been very loved. And many were handmade, and sweet gifts of time as well; beautiful blankets from my Mom and friend Sara, and these-

My wonderful Sister-in-law Marnie made this beautiful Bonnet and booties. There was alot of time and care put into them. They are beautiful! Thank you Marnie!

And then this adorable "Anne Gedde's" esque hat that just makes me happy! I meant to do a photo shoot of Zaria in it, back when she was brand new and always sleeping, but never got it done. But she still looks pretty cute in it! Thanks Steph! I love it!

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Jim McDowell said...

I'm using my hubby's email. And she looks like me, you say. Sweet.

Mom McD