Monday, November 24, 2008


With the birth of my third, beautiful daughter, I have fallen in love with being a Mom all over again. It is an experience that I truly thank God for. It is an incredible honor to be given these precious little lives to be a caretaker over and to be so overwhelmingly blessed by them in return. I am more grateful now than ever for the wonderful examples of Motherhood that God has placed in my life. There have been many tremendous ladies that I have observed and garnered wisdom from, but the two greatest gifts and examples in my life, are the Mom's God gave ME. My Mom always said that you don't appreciate how much your mother loves you until you become a mother yourself (or how hard she worked) and, of course, she was right! She would say, "Just wait til you have kids, then you'll get it!" And I do. And now that I know the blood, sweat and tears, as well as joy, I appreciate her even more than ever! (yes I have always appreciated you Mom, even when I was 14 and it wasn't quite as obvious as those rolled eyes...) I feel truly thankful to the Lord for giving me the mother he did, I am deeply fortunate to have been so loved, guarded, nurtured and taught. I have been doubly blessed, because now I also have a wonderful Mother-in-law in my life to learn from, who is a beautiful example of Godly mothering as well. Not many people get to actually enjoy their Mother-in-laws. What can I say? I lead a charmed life! (it's just an expression momma, I know I'm blessed... ;) wink, wink)

So to all the beautiful and amazing mothers in my life- thank you for shining a light into the often overwhelming world of being a mom, and for just being able to relate to what I'm going through! But thanks especially to my Mom and Pat, for for sharing from their years of experience and dedication!

Mom-thank you for showing me Jesus, for extending grace for me to be myself, for your years of sacrifice, for always thinking I was the smartest, sweetest, prettiest, etc. unfailingly, for being honest about your own mistakes so I wouldn't have to make them, and for loving me like only a mother can! I love you back!

Pat- Thank you for accepting me and loving me as a daughter, for raising your son to be such an awesome person who loves the Lord and loves people, and for exemplifying graciousness and selflessness. I love you very much and am so grateful to call you my mother-in-law!

This Thanksgiving- I am thankful for YOU!


Errol & Gretchen said...

You are oh so welcome, my dear. I still think you are the wisest, most beautiful, and best natured. And so very full of faith. I love you sooooo much!! Thanks for the compliments. But really you are totally awesome cuz God made you that way and you are moldable in His hands.

Priscilla McD- said...

Thanks mom.... again... :)

Anonymous said...

Yes i loved the picture of the little soul. I too am also grateful for the mother that i have been given. Making that known has been longer overdue. We both have had many battles beside each other and against each other but no matter we were always there for one another. I'm 30 years old but i love my mommy