Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Politics Suck.

I am, at the moment, kind of reeling from the realisation that so many of my very good friends, hold such drastically differently perspectives on life than I do in some areas. I am deeply saddened by some of the things I am hearing come out of the mouths of people I love. Not that I in any way feel that I have all the right perspectives and opinions, but to see people that you thought were on the same page in allot of ways, seem to have either gradually changed over several years or just out of the blue blown me away with things I didn't know about the way they thought, is hard to ignore. Nothing like a brutal Presidential election to bring it all out either! Ugh! I am open to talking about different opinions on just about any topic and more than willing to have my own perspective broadened or changed entirely, as long as it still falls in line with the word of God and MORALS!!! But even peoples view points on what the Bible says and what morals even are, can be so different, that even a discussion based on them can be a bit volatile. Sigh. It's just hard. I want to say something because some times my heart is broken by seeing what my friends believe, but they aren't able to receive it, especially since I often fit into a stereotype they've invented and judged already. So I just sit back, and trust that God is greater than human error or our limited perspectives, and then I will go vote as well as I can and not worry about what the future holds; because it doesn't matter in the long run anyway! God is GOD, and even though he has given us free wills and the ability to makes choices that affect us and those around us, his plans will prevail and indeed our choices are already taken into account. The truth is, all that matters is that he loves us all, and has a plan to prosper us, to give us a future and a hope. People all around the world will continue to come to know him, the wonder of his love, and the power of his grace, no matter who becomes the President of the United States or what happens to the economy!

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marcusafrika said...

Amazing that 4 years later this could have been reposted word for word. So ridiculous that some people feel the appropriate time to get passionate about something is only every 4 years. Grrr.