Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This one's for the grandparents

So I've finally broken down and started a blog (obviously, since you're here... ) :) I have delayed and procrastinated the event for a very long time. But I realised it was one of the best ways to give friends and family, especially the grandparents, a chance to check into our world every once in a while, see a few pictures and waste a few more minutes on the computer! I'm still not offering any promises about what you may find here, nor how often a post will appear..... but none the less, take it for whatever it becomes and enjoy!


Errol & Gretchen said...

Thanks dearheart.

Seth and Sarah said...

welcome to blogworld, dearie =)

Jim McDowell said...

Thank you, dear Priscilla, for thinking of us in such a practical way.

Pat and Jim